POISON ADRENA | New SKUs & Even Higher Sensitivity

POISON ADRENA. With its super sleek, sexy design and enhanced underwater sensitivity, you don't even need to be bitten to Feel the Poison.

As one of the flagship rods from Shimano's Poison series, we have added more SKUs to satisfy every angler's appetite for the never-ending hunt for more.
More action. More challenge. More POISON!

Featuring Full Carbon Monocoque for anglers to feel even the slightest twitch, the POISON ADRENA will bring your game to Break Unexplored Ground, and Triumph Unexpected Fights.

Poison Adrena. Surrender to its poison...

NEW SKUs: 166H • 2610UL/M • 169XH-SB/2 • 173MH-2 •2610UL/M-2
Japan Release Date: April 2020 onwards